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Mumblings from the Manse

picture of Rev John Wiseman

When 16-year-old swimmer Ye Shiwen set a new world record for swimming the women's 400m individual medley at the recently concluded London 2012 Olympics, eyebrows were raised about the margin of her victory. Ye Shiwen had beaten her personal best in the event by 5 seconds. One of Ye's fellow swimmers in that 400m individual medley final was Stephanie Rice. Swimming the same event in 2008 Stephanie Rice beat her own personal best by six seconds when she set a world record. And not a murmur of suspicion was heard in regards to her improvement. When asked about this dramatic reduction in time, the swimming legend, Ian Thorpe, confirmed that he too had reduced his personal best by five seconds over a period of a few months when he was a teenager, and once again no questions were raised as to how that reduction in time had been achieved.

Okay, let's compare Ye Shiwen's improvement with other athletes at the games.

Katy Lededsky who won the 800 meters freestyle, beating home favourite Becky Adlington into third place, had improved her time by over 20 seconds in the past 12 months. Ruta Meilutyte, won the gold medal in the women's 100m breaststroke, again knocking seconds off her previous best time and again, doubts expressed over her improved performance, were practically zero. And last but by no means least, the gold medal winning time in the 3,000 meters women's track cycling team pursuit event was clocked at 3minutes 14.05seconds, down from 3minutes 19seconds in the space on a year, with the world record being broken in each of the last six races in which this particular team has ridden. And did we hear shouts of foul play...well I'll let you guess the answer to that question

Why was it then that when Ye Shiwen improved her best time there was an outcry suggesting or implying that it must be due to 'unfair' means, i.e. drugs but when the others mentioned above also improved dramatically no such allegations were made? Could it be it is because both Stephanie Rice and Ian Thorpe are Australian, Katy Lededsky is American, Ruta Meilutyte who although Lithuanian by birth, lives, swims and is coached in Plymouth, whilst the six times record shattering 3,000 meters women's track cycling team pursuit team are in fact British. Ye Shiwen on the other hand comes from China.

How easy is it to pass judgement on another just because they are different from us?

If Becky Adlington had won either of the two races she entered...and speaking personally I think to gain a bronze medal and a fourth place considering all the pressure she must have been put under was a fantastic achievement in itself.... the media would have greeted her achievement by attributing her success to all the hard work she had done. Not so if you happen to come from Beijing rather than from Mansfield.

How guilty are we of judging others simply because they are different to us, whether that difference is age, size, skin colour, gender, language, culture, sexual orientation, faith, economic status or lifestyle.

I wonder for example, having been saturated with TV and media coverage from London 2012, how much attention and exposure will be given to the soon to commence Paralympics. Or will the powers that be judge their sporting prowess and achievements far less deserving of our attention than those attained by more able bodied athletes?

In the famous Sermon on the Mount, Jesus spoke about judging others, asking the question why are we so keen see the speck of sawdust in our brother/sister?s eye and yet pay no attention to the plank in our own eye? (Matt 7:3) Let's be honest we are all guilty and I leave you with one final thought...if 'judging others' was an Olympic sport how many of us would be favourite to win a gold medal!

Love and light

Reverend John

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Church Family News

Gwyneth L, born 25th November 1926, died on 24th July, and we give thanks for her faith and witness in a life well lived. Gwyneth was born in Skewen and educated at Neath Grammar School. She trained in nursing at St Thomas' Hospital London, and later returned to Neath to serve as Administrator of Health Visiting, moved to Glangwili Hospital Carmarthen as Senior Administrator of Health Visitors, and then to Glenfield Hospital, Leicester as Director of Nursing Services for Leicestershire. Gwyneth had frequently visited her parents in Skewen and when she retired in 1993 she moved to Swansea and continued her membership of the Methodist Church becoming a Member at Sketty. She took an active part in U3A and was widely travelled, often with friends from the church. She kept contact with her scattered family and we assure her nephew and his family in Swansea, her sister in Greece, her brother in Sweden, and relatives in other parts of the UK, of our condolences


We continue to hold in our prayers Sheila C in Singleton; Aerona who is having a period of respite care in Burrows Hall Nursing Home Llangennith; Barbara O (Margaret H's mother) as she settles down in Bloomfield; Pat J as she continues to come to terms with the death of her husband Neville; and all those who are housebound.


A message from Margaret H:
Since I fell on 4th June breaking my right shoulder and elbow, life has been very difficult, especially as my mother was still living with us convalescing after six weeks in hospital. Without the love and prayers that have come from the church, I don't know what we would have done. Cards, chocs (naughty), flowers, emails, visits, lifts, shopping; such practical and essential expressions of a church that is living out its calling to 'be Jesus' in the community.

We aren't out of the wood yet as I still cannot drive, but life is definitely getting better. So please keep remembering us in your prayers - and thank you all so very much.



We send greetings and best wishes to Jessica R and Daniel P whose marriage was celebrated by Revd John in our church on 7th July.


Congratulations to Jean and John K as they celebrate their Diamond Wedding Anniversary on 30th August. 60 Years together - what an achievement! Our warmest love and best wishes.



Toby Owen was born to Stuart and Sian C on 27th July. They are now living in Sandiway, Cheshire. We send our love to them and to Sandra and Bob.


Rev Kim and Angela have been blessed with the arrival of their first grandchild, Scarlett Grace, born to Katie and Paul on 30th July.


Our congratulations go to

Sheela-Jane who has been awarded a personal chair in Sustainable Tourism and, in addition, the Vice Chancellor presented her with an award in recognition of her being the first-ever woman professor in the Business School of Plymouth University.

Both Amy W and Peter C have received a BSc in Psychology with Neuropsychology from Bangor University. They are both returning to Bangor University for an MSc course in Foundations of Clinical Neuropsychology.

Emily H graduated in Accountancy from Swansea Metropolitan University.

And congratulations to our A-level students on top-rate results!

Morgan B will be going to Birmingham Uni to read Physics

Ian C to Durham to study Chemistry.

Haven't they done well!


Rev Ivan and Debbie C, who were here ten years ago when they "exchanged pulpits" with Richard H and family, are returning to Sketty in October. A lunch is planned after the morning service on 21st October, so that as many people as possible can meet them. Their daughter Rachel also hopes to visit us. More details about the arrangements for lunch will be available next month.

Pat T and Janet N


Jean and Chris G hope to be in church with us on 16th September and we look forward to seeing them again.

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Becoming a member of the Methodist church:

Over the past few months Revd John has been approached by several people who have expressed an interest in becoming members of the Methodist Church. Plans are in hand to run a short membership course (3-4 weeks) for anyone that might be interested. If this might apply to you please contact Revd John for further details

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Methodist Conference

The Methodist Conference, which was held at the beginning of July confirmed that the President of Conference for 2012/13 will be the Revd Dr Mark H. Wakelin, and the Vice-President Michael King.

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Reading through the psalms in a month

As a follow on from 'an evening with the psalms' which took place as part of Grace@6.30 on Sunday 26th August, Reverend John would like to encourage you, as individuals and as a family of faith, to spend the next month reading through the entire collection of psalms using the reading programme below

27th Aug Psalm 1-5 . 28th Aug Psalm 6-10 . 29th Aug Psalm 11-16 . 30th Aug Psalm 17-20
31st Aug Psalm 21-25 1st Sept Psalm 26-30 2nd Sept Psalm 31-35 3rd Sept Psalm 36-41
4th Sept Psalm 42-46 5th Sept Psalm 47-51 6th Sept Psalm 52-56 7th Sept Psalm 57-61
8th Sept Psalm 62-67 9th Sept Psalm 68-72 10th Sept Psalm 73-77 11th Sept Psalm 78-82
12th Sept Psalm 83-87 13th Sept Psalm 88-92 14th Sept Psalm 93-97 15th Sept Psalm 98-102
16th Sept Psalm 103-107 17th Sept Psalm 108-112 18th Sept Psalm 113-118 19th Sept Psalm 119
20th Sept Psalm 120-125 21st Sept Psalm 126-130 22nd Sept Psalm 131-136 23rd Sept Psalm 137-140
24th Sept Psalm 141-144 25th Sept Psalm 145-147 26th Sept Psalm 148-150

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A day in my life

From Saturday 1st September, to celebrate/commemorate the start of his final year here in Swansea, Reverend John will be starting an online blog. This will continue until John departs for distant shores in August 2013. There will be a new blog each day in which John will mumble and/or grumble about things that have happened in his life, events here in Swansea or things in the wider world that day that have caught his attention.

The blog will be called "A day in my life" and can be accessed at

There is a test page up already just so you can have a go

It will be available to anyone with access to the internet and you should hopefully be able to leave comments if you so desire.

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A Big Welcome

Welcome wreath

On Sunday 23rd September we will be hosting a service here at Sketty Methodist Church based on the theme "A Big Welcome". This replaces "Back to Church Sunday" and simply asks people to consider bringing along a friend, not just to a service of worship, but to any of the activities or groups that we host in the church during the next few months. Let's reach out into our local community and offer people a big welcome to anything and everything we do.

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This year's Harvest Festival will take place on Sunday 30th September when we shall be focusing on the importance of being able to access clean water and in particular the work of Water Aid.

Our Harvest Supper will be held on Monday 1st October at 7pm. Please watch the Notices for fuller details.

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Olympic Hymn Challenge

Winners of our Olympic Hymn Challenge:

Winner: Rosemary

Runners up:Pat T and Enid P

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Wesley Club News

Another successful year, numbers have increased, we've had interesting and varied speakers, visited theatres and coffee shops and taken a trip down the Tawe (in the pouring rain but were we disheartened - NO) We were surprised that The Queen did not turn up for our Jubilee Street Party (indoors) but our own "queens" more than made up for that.

Officers were re-elected so Jan C is Chairman, Rosemary is Treasurer and I am Secretary.

Come and join us when we start the new session on 3rd Sept with a social. We would love to see you.

Pam T

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Traidcraft News

Traidcraft Table

The next Traidcraft Stall will be on 9th September and the new catalogue is available. As you would expect, rising prices generally and increases in the Fairtrade minimum price paid to producers, mean that some of the regular basic foodstuffs are more expensive. However, where possible, we ordered some stock before the price increase and so this will 'soften the blow' for a while. Traidcraft recently compared prices of eight everyday products with similar at Sainsbury's and in most cases they remain very competitive.

Two new products to look out for - Traidcraft's own chocolate and a new Decaffeinated Coffee. The new chocolate range is produced using cocoa from some of the most marginalised producers in Peru, Bolivia, the Ivory Coast and Dominican Republic whilst the coffee comes from Guatemala using the natural water process.

Come and sample some of the new chocolate on 6th September!

Thank you for continuing to support Traidcraft

Pat T and Gary and Jackie C

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Forget-Me-Not Club

Forget-me-not flower

Following our summer break, Forget-Me-Not Club will be starting again on Tuesday 4th September, with new members and new ideas. We look forward to seeing our volunteers again, and this will be a joint meeting with the Killay Club and held in the Wesley Room. Please invite any relatives, friends, neighbours of persons living with dementia to our club for social fellowship and fun. Anyone wanting more information please contact Sandra C.

Forget-me-not word

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Exercise Class to Reduce Risk of Falling

Are you nervous of falling? Jackie and Gary C are about to pilot a course of exercise classes that are designed to reduce your risk of falling. They are due to commence on Saturday mornings in October, with assessment sessions in September. So if you are unsteady on your feet, but able to walk with or without a walking aid at home, able to walk out doors with or without help, and can climb safely into a car with or without help, then this class may help you. Cost 10 per session, for 12 sessions including 2 assessment sessions. Classes to be held in the Wesley Room. Leaflet with more information available or call Gary or Jackie (emails will be forwarded from Church email address.)

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We send greetings for birthdays in September to

Holly D (on 4th)
Louis M (5th)
Henrich and Tegwyn (17th)
Daniel and Matthew C on 27th

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Gwen has now received confirmation of charges for the Lindors weekend - 19-21 April 2013.

The total charge per adult for the two-night stay will be 144.00 on a full board basis which will include:
Accommodation in an en-suite Bedroom or Lodge
Three-course Dinner with Coffee/Tea; Full English Breakfast;
Morning Coffee and Biscuits; Two-course Lunch with Coffee/Tea
N.B. There is an additional one-off weekend charge per Lodge of 50.00.

Children's discounts apply only when sharing a room or lodge with parents. Children occupying their own room are charged in the next price bracket up from their age group:
0 - 4 Years Free
5 - 10 Years 75% Discount (36)
11 - 15 Years 50% Discount (72)
16 - 17 Years or in full-time education 25% Discount (108)

Deposits of 25 per person (including all children) are to be with Gwen D by the end of September; cheques made payable to Sketty Methodist Church.

Please do not hesitate to contact Gwen if you need more information

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Communion Offertories

Communion Offertories for September

As some of you will be aware, last year one of our local preachers, Bruce S, was accepted for two years' pre-ordination training in the Methodist Church. This is currently taking place at Queen's college in Birmingham where Bruce is about to start his final year of study before being stationed. As you will appreciate, finances will not be easy with Bruce, Caroline and their three young children having to manage solely on the grant Bruce receives. It has therefore been decided that our September Communion collection will be offered as part of the Swansea and Gower Circuit's contribution to help Bruce and his family during this period of training.

Those in July of 182.87 were for Parkinson's UK (formerly the Parkinson's Disease Society)

And in August of 173.30 for the West Wales Dyslexia Association, a small local charity, run entirely by volunteers and funded by members' subscriptions and donations.

Claire S says: We aim to support children and adults with dyslexia and their families by providing information and increasing the understanding of dyslexia in the community. We have a telephone helpline and hold public meetings.This year we hope to start providing assessments and tuition mainly for adults whose dyslexia was not addressed at school. This generous donation from Sketty Methodist Church will help us set this up.


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Afternoon Tea

The Saturday Afternoon Tea on 18th August raised 353 for Morriston Methodist Church Redevelopment. This included the associated Bring and Buy and cake sale, and donations made when viewing the model Church made by Nancy O.

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Pantomime - Musical Director

Now then, doesn't that sound a grand title? It could be yours if you are interested in joining the panto crew. It really isn't an onerous role (honest) as we do use CDs and pre recorded tapes, but it really is good to have someone who can provide live music. We wouldn't expect you to be at rehearsals until much nearer our performances, 6th, 7th and 8th Dec. and we can promise you lots of laughs, fun and support. If you feel that you could help we would be very grateful. Please ring me, even if it is only a tentative enquiry.

Jan C

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Jam Jars:

My grateful thanks to all who have collected these on my behalf during the Redevelopment Fundraising years. The Dysgwylfa Jam Factory staff have been seconded elsewhere for the time being, and so jars are no longer required! Thanks

Anne W

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Redevelopment Fund-raising

Some of the funding we have been granted to assist with the building project, in order to improve facilities for community use, require that we should show the sponsors' logos on certain documents including newsletters.

Funded by

Big Lottery LogoWelsh Assembly Government LogoMethodist Church logo

Big Lottery Fund  | Welsh Assembly Government  |  The Methodist Church of Great Britain | 


Saturday 15th September
7.30pm Barn Dance to be held in Bethel's hall
tickets 5 adults on door or from Rosemary or Heather
children free if accompanied by adults


Monday 8th October -

There will be an evening of Flowers and Music, with the arranger Daphne Furneaux, the well-known arranger from Gower, and the music will be provided by our own Alan Sykes. We have had several of these evenings before and they have been much appreciated, so please try to support this and bring your friends. The programme will commence at 7.30 pm and the tickets will be 5.

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SHARE Tawe is a group which seeks to find hosts for destitute asylum seekers. The group has representatives from a wide range of other organisations and is run with support from Shelter Cymru. As well as seeking homes for asylum seekers it also encourages groups of people to offer asylum seekers a meal.

It was agreed at the last Church Council meeting to arrange a meal on Tuesday 11th September with members of Bethel.

We need people to pick up the guests and transport them back afterwards, to provide food and to entertain and talk to the visitors. There would only be a small group of visitors and although we would hope to do this on a number of occasions it would not be a regular commitment. The meal would take place early evening

If you would like to help and are free on 11th September, please contact Anne W or Pat D

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Operation Christmas Child

"Christmas - oh not yet- I hear you say, and in the overall scheme of things I agree it is far too early to be thinking of the festive season! However, you will know that our Operation Christmas Child children's boxes don't start at Christmas. Indeed those of us involved work from January to November to ensure that the boxes are all completed and despatched by the beginning of December. On a practical basis this means we buy little items of toothpaste, soap, flannels, very small cuddly toys (we never seem to have enough of these things) through the year, In case any of you want to add the odd item to your weekly shopping, from September we are placing a Christmas paper-covered box in the church porch. Please add your bits and pieces (mentioned above or those other items you all know we collect) as you are able. Then, in November, when Wesley Club has their Open Evening for packing our church contributions to this special charity we should be well stocked with goodies. (If you need any more information, please do contact me)

Many thanks

Jan C

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Faith Journey

Another contribution from a member to help us know each other better.

My faith journey by Joyce W

When I was asked to write this article on My Faith Journey, I didn't know where to start! I can relate to many events which tested my faith! When I was young we used to go to the Gospel Mission in Goat Street, which many members will know was bombed out during the war. I think this upset my family and for the next few years we never seemed to go anywhere. However, at 10 years old a friend of mine asked me to go to Manselton Congregational Church (now Christ Well URC), which I did and enjoyed very much going to Sunday School and Guides. At 16 I went to work in a Solicitor's office and there met another good friend who went to the Anglican church. I once more followed, to St Michael's Manselton, which I enjoyed and so became Confirmed. We moved to Sketty and I married my late husband at St Paul's.

I still wasn't fully satisfied as to where I was going, so when we moved to Birmingham with Bert's work, he decided to go to the Methodist Church which he and his family loved - his granddad was a Local Preacher. Our family was growing, three boys and a girl, and they followed their Dad and became very dedicated members - Scouts, Guides, Sunday School teachers. I seemed so very lost and travelled to a church a few miles away but wasn?t being truly faithful, so once more I made a move to the Methodist church, and that was the turning point! I was now so happy and felt God had sent me there.

After many years we returned to Swansea where once more my faith was tested when my husband died suddenly after major heart surgery in London - I prayed daily for him to recover but felt God didn't want to help me so once more I didn't go to church. Then one day I met my Guide leader at a meeting. I told her how I had lost faith and she talked me through it all. I found it was so rewarding to listen to what I was missing. After a year or two, now living in Sketty, I went to our church where I was made so welcome. I was home. Rev Ken Griffin visited me and talked me through my disbeliefs. Also I went to a social evening where Heather made me particularly welcome. I now have my faith back amid all my friends and am, I hope, a true Methodist at last!

Joyce W

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'Nature Deficit Disorder?'

Are children today suffering from 'NATURE DEFICIT DISORDER'?

Many children today are living virtually nature-free lives. Richard Louv describes the existence of some youngsters as being one of 'well-meaning, protective house arrest'.

When I was growing up, my peers and I enjoyed a great deal of freedom. I played for hours in the playground in Parkview Terrace and Singleton Park. Since then, the distance that children have ventured from their homes has decreased by 90%.

So how do today's children stave off boredom? More than half of 11-15 year olds spend more than half of their waking hours in front of TV or computer screens. Fewer than 10% of children regularly play in wild places, compared to almost 50% of adults when they were young!

Staying indoors has disturbing consequences because children's physical and mental health is affected. Obesity levels have trebled and problems are occurring with eyesight, asthma, heart and lung functions. More than 40,000 British children are prescribed anti-depressants!

Are computers and TV alone to blame? Other causes include the amount of traffic on our roads, 'perceived stranger danger', accidents at home and the BIG ONE - health and safety legislation.

By 'wrapping children in cotton wool' are we actually doing them more harm than good?

What helps children's health and well-being by playing outside? They have freedom, it helps reduce obesity, improves physical and mental health, it encourages teamwork e.g. building dens, it helps children to judge and understand risks. Children need fresh air and sunlight. They need to hear birdsong, dig in sand, explore rock pools, pick blackberries etc,

By the time you read this the Olympic Games will be over and the Paralympics will be in full swing. What better way to show how sport and exercise help people overcome adversity and keep fit at the same time.

Well within living memory for many of us, all children were free-range. Shouldn't they have the chance to be so again?

Janet N

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Organ Recital

Alan S gives the concluding Organ Recital in this summer's lunch time series at St Mary's Church in the city centre, at 1.10 on Tuesday 11th September.

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Macmillian Coffee Morning

From Rosemary:

I shall be holding my Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday 28th September from 10.30am till 1pm in the Wesley Room at church. Many of you have supported this over the years and I would now like to invite you to this year's Coffee Morning at the church and please bring your friends and neighbours. There is more room in the church than in my house!!! Look forward to seeing again this year.

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Penlan Page

As I write this (14th August) I have just returned from Penlan Tot's disco. Our Toddler group is carrying on over the summer twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays 12.00 - 2.30pm. It was lovely to see the church building being used by a good number of toddlers and their older brothers and sisters - most in fancy dress. Quentin was press ganged into judging the fancy dress competition. He could hardly refuse after he had allowed his face to be painted with a yellow cat on his forehead. And happily every one accepted his choice of winners. Also at the disco was Margaret B, newly returned from Australia. Sadly Julie H a Communities First worker, who has served Penlan for the last ten years and has been very much involved in the Tot's group, is no longer with us as she has moved to a post in Townhill. We wish her well in the future. It is nice to record here the Church's thanks and appreciation to Michelle who runs our toddler group so well.

At our Tuesday Bible studies we have now completed the Epistle of James and Paul's letter to the Colossians and have learned or re-learned some important practical lessons for our Christian Lives. We recently pondered the significance of Colossians 2 v9 'For in Christ all the fullness of the Godhead lives in bodily form'. What a stupendous statement. Surely it means that if we believe in Jesus we must believe all his teaching however hard and challenging it may be.

Our congregation on a Sunday fluctuates between a maximum of a baker's dozen and minimum of three. Perhaps some of our friends at Sketty might like join us from time to time to swell our numbers and encourage us.

Maintaining the grounds and finding organists remain a problem for us and we would value your prayers about this. But we carry on as a witness to a very needy part of our City, always ready to welcome whoever may come through our doors.

On Saturday 15th September from 10am we are holding a MacMillan Coffee morning to which all our friends are invited.

Christian greetings from all at Penlan.


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Reel to Real

This month we settled down to discuss 'The Lemon Tree' a film set on the green line border between the West Bank and Israel. The film told the tale of Salma, a Palestinian widow, who has to stand up against her new neighbour, the Israeli Defence Minister, when he moves into his new house situated directly opposite her lemon grove. The Israeli security forces are quick to declare that Salma's trees pose a threat to the Minister's safety and issue orders to uproot them. Determined not to have her livelihood and honour taken away in such a manner, Salma goes all the way to the Israeli Supreme Court to try to save her beloved trees.

This was a film enjoyed by all who came to the reviews, one that provided some great discussion material. We chatted not just about what we had seen in the film itself but also touched on topics such as

  • How modern day 'Israel' came into existence?

  • What exactly is 'the west bank, the occupied territories and the gaza strip'?

  • What did you know about the separation barrier or wall?

Why did we think that the Jewish bible (our Old Testament) is often described as a 'book of the land'?

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Friday Night at the Movies

Well, these evenings are proving to be a popular addition to the church's outreach into the local community with well over thirty people attending each of the films so far.

The last film that we saw was 'The Iron Lady' featuring a mesmeric performance by Meryl Streep. It is a film that has divided public opinion almost as much as 'the iron lady' herself, with views being raised that because the film portrayed Mrs Thatcher reminiscing about her life as she battled the onset of dementia, the film should not have been made or released whilst she was still alive, a point of view I can appreciate. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and thought it provided a stark contrast between her ambition to rise to the top of the political arena and the subsequent fall from grace and loss of power as she lost the support and confidence of those once closest to her.

Our next film is going to be 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' starring amongst others Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Maggie Smith and Tom Wilkinson. This will be shown on Friday 7th September at 7.30pm.

A group of British retirees travel to India to take up residence in what they believe is a newly restored hotel. Less luxurious than its advertisements, they are forever transformed by their shared experiences, discovering that life and love can begin again when you begin to let go of the past, embrace the present and look forward to whatever the future holds. It is a wonderful film which I would highly recommend to you all.

If anyone wishes to borrow any of the films we have seen just contact our resident film critic...Revd John

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Cover to Cover

Cover to Cover, our community book group, has been up and running, or should that be reading, for several months now, and I have to admit to being surprised at the limited numbers of people who have felt enticed to come along. Perhaps people can't make the first Thursday of each month, perhaps people don't like to read, or perhaps people don't like to read what we have been reading... Who knows, but it would be lovely to see more people come and share their impressions of the various and varied books we read.

In an attempt to pick something to read/discuss that is both topical and interesting, and on the back of British success in the Tour de France and the London 2012 Olympic Games, this month's book is 'It's not about the bike' by Lance Armstrong.

In October 1996, 24 year old Lance Armstrong, ranked the number-one cyclist in the world, was diagnosed with advanced testicular cancer that had spread to his lungs and brain. His chance for recovery was as low as 20%. Scarred physically and emotionally, Lance Armstrong considered his cancer "a special wake-up call", one that clarified for him the blessings of good health, family, friends and marriage. Filled with the nutritional, physical, emotional, and spiritual details of his recovery, It's Not About the Bike traces the wondrous journey to recovery of one of the greatest athletes, and to his appreciation that life should be lived to the fullest, a life that subsequently led to an incredible seven consecutive Tour de France victories.

Why not come along on Thursday 6th September 10.30-12 and enjoy the ride

Revd. John


On 9th August, Cover to Cover looked at 'The Sisters Brothers' by Patrick de Witt. The book cover is one of the best I've seen in a long while and appears to show the two men holding guns, but like the book all is not what it seems.

This story would appear to be a simple Western, set in the 1850's at the time of the Californian Gold rush. It describes the journey of two hired killers (Eli and Charley Sisters), sent by their boss (The Commodore) from Oregon City to San Francisco to link up with his spy (a man called Morris) who will help them find, obtain a secret formula from, and then kill the exotically named, Hermann Kermit Warm! En route the brothers have a variety of encounters with a number of people - shooting lots of them dead. There is a lot of killing in this book!!

The younger brother (Eli) is beginning to tire of this life and longs to fall in love and run a trading post type of store but Charley is determined to finish the job. We learn of their family background and what made Charley the killer he is.

So far so good, but things take a different turn when they arrive in San Francisco and find Warm has gone to the gold fields with Morris as his companion! The brothers find Morris]s diary detailing his encounters with Warm, and doubt sets in regarding the job. What happens when they run into Warm is a life changing event for both men. The book has been described as being very funny, but I saw very little humour in all the killing. However, during our discussion, many instances were remembered that caused us to laugh, so I decided that it was indeed possessed of a dark seam of humour.

What the group discussion showed me was that a first impression of a book is not necessarily the correct one and I was not alone in having my perceptions changed. I think that coming together as a group to discuss such a book allows us to find far more in the writing than we thought was first there and I would urge all of those who are able, to try to come to the next book group discussion.

All in all I enjoyed the read but your typical Western this is not!!

Mike W

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The Pit

A man fell into a pit and couldn't get himself out.
A SUBJECTIVE person came along and said: 'I feel for you, down there'.
AN OBJECTIVE person came along and said, 'It's logical that someone would fall down there'.
A PHARISEE said, 'Only bad people fall into pits'
A NEWS REPORTER wanted the exclusive story on his pit.
CONFUCIOUS said 'If you had listened to me, you would not be in that pit'
BUDDHA said, 'Your pit is only a state of mind'
A REALIST said, 'That's a pit'
A GEOLOGIST told him to appreciate the rock strata in the pit.
A TAX MAN asked him if he was paying taxes on the pit.
THE COUNCIL INSPECTOR asked him if he had a permit to dig the pit.
AN EVASIVE PERSON came along and avoided the subject of his pit altogether.
A SELF PITYING person said 'You haven't seen anything until you've seen MY pit'
AN OPTIMIST said 'Things could be worse'
A PESSIMIST said 'Things will get worse'

JESUS, seeing the man, took him by the hand and lifted him out of the pit.

Found by Joyce S

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15 Years Ago: September 1997 by Caroline

At the start of a new Methodist Year, after a relaxing and refreshing holiday in the Yorkshire dales, Sister Margaret reminds us that if we neglect time for ourselves, family and friends and God, our life and that of the church will be impoverished. We all need to safeguard times of refreshment.

News: Concern and prayers for sick friends Ernie and Ethel S, Hilary A, Muriel N and Gwen D's father, Richard T.

Congratulations to Pauline and George L on the birth of grandson James, Sheila and Dudley T on the birth of twin granddaughters, and to all GCSE and A-level candidates - all doing exceptionally well.

Best wishes to Ruth C on passing Grade1 violin with credit; Andrew C, Cathryn W, and Stefan D moving on to University, to graduates from Swansea Uni, to Tristan P, Ian J, Stephanie W, and Simon P moving on to new spheres of work, Don and Ann E and family in their new life in New Zealand, and to Rev. Will Morey new Chairman of the District. Averil L reported on her and Eileen P's very pleasurable visit to York for Rev Brian and Kathleen T's retirement 'This is your Life'

Events; re-formed all-age youth club launch; Flower Festival and Craft Exhibition; Book Fair in aid of Feed the Minds - books needed; South Wales District Local Preacher's Study Day at Murton; the World's Biggest Coffee morning for Macmillan Cancer Relief at Rosemary B's.


30 YEARS AGO (1982)

Welcome to Rev. Ron Thomas the new Circuit 'Super', and greetings to Rev Kim F newly arrived at Bethel URC; Congratulations and best wishes to Andrew T and Roger C on passing their A-levels, and Kath H, Helen M, Simon R, Kathryn P, Margaret S, Angela P, Howard S, Stephen C, Angela D and Gabrielle S starting out on new jobs or college; Rene M wrote of 'meeting old girls and boys of Killay House' at Sister Vi's birthday celebrations; Women's Fellowship AGM - President May J.

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Forthcoming events

Services:Sundays10.30am and 6.30pm Adventurers: 10.30am

At 6.30pm we are joined by our friends from Bethel URC join
On Sunday mornings a Steward will introduce the preacher and ask the congregation to stand as the Bible is brought in.
Please stay and have coffee with us after the morning service.
There is an induction loop for those with hearing aids.
There are large print versions of hymns at the door.
At evening service the collection plate is placed in the vestibule for your offerings as you enter church.

In term-time:

Monday 2pm Folk-dancing Church Hall, restart 10th September
6pm-7pm Pilates Class Church Hall
7pm Wesley Club See weekly notices for programme
Tuesday 10am-1pm Forget-me-not Wesley Room Forget-Me-Not Club
2-4pm Banner/Craft Group
5.30-6.30pm Beavers Church Hall Restart 11th September
6.45-8pm Cubs Church Hall Restart 11th September
Wednesday 10-11.30am Sunbeams Parent and Toddler group Church Hall Last on 11th July Restart 12th September
6.15-7.30pm Brownies Church Hall Restart 12th September
7.30pm Sketty Madcaps
Thursday 6pm-7.30pm Table Tennis Club Wesley Room
6pm-7pm Pilates Church Hall
Friday 10-11am Zumba Class Church Hall

Events printed in Indian red are regular bookings from non-church groups

By Thursday, weekly notices to Lynne

Property Stewards Alan J and John D

26 Sunday 10.30am Sketty Worship Group Songs of Praise
4.30pm Servive at Parkway Home
6.30pm Grace @6.30
Rev John Wiseman
An Evening with the Psalms
30 Thurs 10am-Mid-Day Bible Study Sketty Methodist Church
2 Sunday 10.30am Rev John Wiseman Communion
6.30pm Ken S
3 Mon 6.15pm tea,
7pm meeting
Local Preachers Meeting Capel-y-Nant, Clydach
7pm Wesley Club Social Evening
6 Thurs 10.30am-Mid-day Cover to Cover Cover to Cover
12.30pm Half-hour mid week servive Rev John Wiseman
2pm Pastoral Team Meeting
7.30pm Killay/Dunvant House Group
7 Fri 7.30pm Film 'The Exotic Marigold Hotel' Friday Night at the Movies
9 Sun 10.30am Rev Gillian Traidcraft stall
6.30pm Rev John Wiseman
10 Mon 7pm Wesley Club Jennifer Pitts -An Evening with Joyce Grenfell
13 Thurs 7.30pm Circuit Meeting Penlan
15 Sat 7.30pm Barn Dance Bethel URC Hall Redevelopment Fund Raising
16 Sun 10.30am Ann B
6.30pm Rev Kim Communion
17 Mon 7pm Wesley Club Gary Gregor - Street Pastors
20 Thurs 7.30pm Church Council
23 The Big Welcome
10.30am Rev John Wiseman A Big Welcome
4.30pm Service at Parway Home
6.30pm Rev Howard Communion
24 Mon 7pm Wesley Club Alison - Belly Dancing
28 Fri 10.30am-1pm Rosemary's Macmillian Coffee Morning Sketty Methodist Church Macmillian Coffee Morning
30 Sunday
Harvest Festival
10.30am Rev John Wiseman
6.30pm Grace@6.30
Rev John Wiseman
1 Mon 7pm Harvest Supper
7 Sun 10.30pm Rev John J Communion
6.30pm Rev Kim
8 Mon 7.30pm Flowers and Music Redevelopment Fund Raising

Church Council meetings: 22nd Novemberand 10th January.


Items for the October 2012 Newsletter due out on 30th September Jean by Wednesday, 19th September please.

This Newsletter is available on tape for the vision impaired and some of our services are recorded on tape for anyone unable to attend whether regularly or on a particular Sunday - please contact Jean.

Church Stewards:Les, Pam, Chris and Sandra

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If you are unable to fulfil your place on a rota, please make other arrangements or contact the organiser.

September 2nd September 9th September 16th September 23rd September 30th
Door: Myrddin.
morning Harry, Anne G and Pat G Joyce W, Allan and Joe A
Caroline C and Andy E
Enid, David K, Jacqueline
and Beryl G
Ian and Susan G
Chris L, Anja
Ian and Judith M and Ian H
evening John K Bethel Member Keith Jeff Andrew V
Sound Recording
Simon H Bill D Pat T Gary C Harry O
Flowers: Rosemary
Jean and John K Beryl G Eric and Joan P Averil L Wesley Club
Arranger: Enid Beryl Rosemary Chris Rosemary
Sunday Morning Coffee: Anja
Jean and Laurie Kath and Bill Sandra and Jon H Claire and Nigel Jan T and Ruth

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